Are you looking for a criminal lawyer in Budapest?


criminal lawyer
criminal lawyer

What can you do if you need a professional defence counsel? In this case, please contact the Lőrik Law Office which provides full defence services for you.

The criminal lawyer Hungary offers legal services in the area of criminal law. The practice areas of Dr. Lőrik József Balázs are criminal proceedings, drunk driving and people smuggling. However, he is able to represent you throughout the criminal process for all types of criminal offences.

In the first consultation, you will get to know your rights, obligations and options. The criminal lawyer in Budapest will tell you what you can expect during the criminal proceedings. With his help, you will get trustworthy information about your situation.

Dr. Lőrik József Balázs will help you understand the charges against you. Of course, the defence strategy will be formulated with him. He will also try to find mitigating evidence for you. With his help, you are going to be able to present the reasons against the charges.

In fact, the laws of the new Criminal Code are not simple at all, so you probably need a professional defence counsel to fully understand them. Fortunately, in Hungary you are entitled to employ a criminal lawyer of your choice.

Please keep in mind that all statements made by you can be used as evidence – even against you. This means that you definitely need the help of a professional criminal lawyer in Budapest. He will always act on your behalf and he will answer all of your questions.

So if you are going to be interrogated as witness or suspect we highly recommend you to contact the Lőrik Law Office as soon as possible.

You can get an appointment on the weekdays and even at the weekends if you call 06 70 947 9950 or 06 30 432 2665. You are also able to send the Lőrik Law Office an e-mail ( if you need a criminal lawyer in Budapest.

The office is in the center of the capital, in the 5th district. (Address: 1054 Budapest Tüköry Street 3. / 2nd floor) You are able to access it by car and by public transport.