Company formation in Hungary is quick and easy


Establishing a company in your country can be a long and stressful process with lots of red tape. If you want to try your luck abroad, different countries have different policies when it comes to founding new companies. Hungary is a very popular destination for foreign companies because establishing a company here is quick and easy, requiring only one or two days to complete all paperwork and anyone can do it from their home country electronically, so there is no need to come to the country personally. Also a good thing the EU VAT number registration is very fast.

Company formation in Hungary is considered to be a good idea these days. One of the primary reasons is the only 9% corporate income tax, which is currently the lowest in the EU. If you wish to set up a business but you want the corporate tax to be low, then Hungary is the ideal place.

Latvia and Poland are also considered good choices with 15% and 19% corporate tax respectively, however, if you wish to maximize profit, then Hungary is the ideal choice. A lot of people say that establishing companies in America or Africa is a good idea. Well, that is not the case at the moment. According to Tax Foundation, countries in Africa and America impose heavy taxes on companies and entrepreneurs. So why is Hungary ideal?

In all of Europe, Hungary has the lowest corporate tax rate. In 2013, EU budgetary disciplinary measures were introduced, and Hungary needed time to emerge from the situation. Ever since that happened, the government has been working on better taxation and monetary policies in order to attract foreign companies and encourage small residential businesses to invest more. If you want to start your business in a friendly monetary environment, company formation in Hungary is a safe bet. All of Europe enjoys low taxes because of the way EU economy was set up. Free trade, free flow of workforce and low corporate taxes. This is why company formation in Hungary is a good idea. Also, higher education in the EU is considered very good, which means plenty of professionals can be hired even remotely. Students who get their degrees from Hungarian universities are capable, determined and stable workforce.

It is clear that company formation in Hungary is a good choice because there are plenty of professionals and all companies enjoy a relatively low corporate tax. Also the cost of company formation in Hungary is very low comparing to a German or UK company  formation, and the maintenance cost (accountancy,  virtual office, registered seat) is quite friendly as well.  Overall, you can start your company extremely quickly and in a friendly taxation environment in Hungary. The rest is up to you.